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Marazzi has always made aesthetic research a strong point of its offering.
Indeed Marazzi was the first company to pick up on the need for ceramic tiles to become a furnishing and architectural feature, placing the responsibility for product creation in the hands of leading designers.
From its first partnership with Gio' Ponti, which generated the "four curve" tile, recorded in the history of design under the name of "Triennale" in 1960, Marazzi continued to establish key partnerships, linking top names from the world of fashion, such as Biki, Rabanne e Forquet, and of architecture, for example Adalberto Dal Lago, to its products and investing in internal research labs to study trends in various countries and develop exclusive products.

The conception and design of products is coordinated and directed by the Marazzi Group Style Centre, in association with the business units’ sales and marketing managements, under the coordination of the respective Group managements.
The research process consists of an analysis of the market trends and consumer tastes, intended to pick up consumers’ needs and transform them into stylistic designs and product specifications.
At the same time, laboratory technicians undertake experiments to transform the shapes, surfaces, colours and decorative motifs developed into a prototype, which is submitted to a Product Committee that assesses the complete project and consigns the “product card”, a document that specifies the new product’s main qualitative and quantitative characteristics, to the next stage in its realisation.


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